Pioneering case construction and innovative materials have long been synonymous with Linde Werdelin.

In the middle of the Swiss Jura where the highest levels of watchmaking and craftsmanship take place, here is the making of the Oktopus carbon case over two years in this 30-second video. Featuring landmark technology in material design. the Oktopus case is sculpted into its signature geometric structure using 3DTP™ carbon composite.

This breakthrough material is the world’s first proprietary technology carbon conceived for Swiss watchmaking, engineered to achieve calculated aesthetics in high precision.

"This is the very first time a carbon material has been formulated to produce the desired aesthetics for a watch case. We devised the micro carbon layered finish to enhance the Oktopus case architechture," says co-founder and creative head Morten Linde.

More than 2 years of research and development have gone in to perfect the challenging technique of compressing micro carbon fibres into shape. It then takes another lengthy handcrafting process to arrive at a sculpted watchcase.

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1. The sapphire crystal glass being mounted on a case back.

2. The rotor is mounted inside the movement chamber from the back case.

3. An outer case being machined on a CNC machine.

4. The case back engraving is deburred, a finishing method used to smooth, before sand blasting and staining.

5. The steel bezel undergoing a sand blasting treatment.

6. Pusher being mounted on a SpidoSpeed chronograph.

Working on such a small surface and carving the case metal into perfectly cut facets requires a highly meticulous and experienced craftsman.

Equally, the launch of the Spido is the fruit of several years of research and development until a robust and architecturally complex frame could take form and be transformed into a 3-dimensional masterpiece.

Craftsmanship is evident not only on the outside but also inside the Linde Werdelin watches. Each piece is powered by a custom-made movement that suits the inspiration of the watch.

Modern by design, intelligent by material, and complex by construction; these are the fundamental ingredients that define a Linde Werdelin piece. Defying convention and breaking the boundaries of what is possible, Linde Werdelin has commanded a distinctive, respected point of view in the art of watchmaking.

Linde Werdelin works with the finest, independent artisans and watchmakers in Switzerland to craft precision mechanisms that give life to each of the timepiece creations.

Individually handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, the entire collection is offered in limited and numbered series of 59, 88, or no more than 100 pieces for each design.